I’m a freelance workshop tutor, creative practitioner and software developer. You can download my CV here.

Workshop Tutor / Instructor

Faciliator of creative technology workshops and tutoring in a range of contexts and for a range of ages.

This involves project oriented sessions that teach programming and electronics using open source platforms such as Arduino and Linux on Raspberry Pi. Throughout these sessions there is a focus on prototyping, experimentation and process over end product.

I’m currently working with Codasign as instructor.


I’m a pragmatic and creative programmer experienced in both server and client side languages. Working in a variety of in-house and freelance roles has given me a broad base of knowledge and experience in creative problem solving and communication amongst team members and stakeholders.

Throughout my experience as a developer I have used a variety of tools and libraries. I continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in programming practices whilst being conscious that forward-facing and experimental should be balanced with simplicity and due diligence.

I’m experienced building web based user interfaces with a focus on user experience, also in web application development using libraries such as React, Angular and Backbone.

I’m familiar with programming visual and graphical experiences for games, physical simulations and/or motion based user interfaces.

I’m also experienced using PHP, Python and NodeJS as server side languages.

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